Last Meeting of the Semester & Vegan No Bake Pumpkin Pie

So this was actually our last meeting, as our next meeting time would fall on the Lighting of the Lawn.

We finished the semester off right with No-Bake GF Vegan Pumpkin Pie!


Read on…



We based our pie on this recipe:

We subbed brown sugar for the coconut sugar (because that’s what we had), and we omitted the stevia drops… We also used almond milk instead of coconut milk and to balance that out, we just used the whole can of pureed pumpkin. Instead of almond flour, we used two cups of walnuts pieces. Our major variance was leaving out the agar agar flakes. That made a big difference in thickness of the pie..agar agar is used as a thickener…


Without the agar agar, our pie didn’t set fast and was more like pudding..DELICIOUS pumpkin pudding! NOM! Everything about our recipe, except the brown sugar, was also extremely healthy!

Happy Holidays and see you next semester!



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