Helpful Links

The Lorna Sunberg International Center
A fellow UVA institution, the Lorna Sunberg International Center helps to acclimate International students, staff, and their families to the UVA and greater Charlottesville community. Check out their website for their weekly international cooking classes, often taught by native cooks, which are open to anyone who wishes to join.

Got a ton of ingredients and no idea what to do with them? Supercook allows you to enter in what you have and finds recipes for any time of the day. You can easily exclude ingredients you don’t like or have an allergy to, ensuring a tailor made recommendation. You can even filter only vegetarian or gluten free recipes!

The Vegetarian Resource Group
If you are interested in vegetarianism or veganism but have some questions about how to maintain a complete diet or how to convert your favorite meals the Vegetarian Resource Group has answers. You can also find useful information about local restaurants and food service options.
If you’re looking for information about gluten free nutrition or ways to maintain your gluten free diet away from home has all the information you could need. The site has recipes, tips, reviews, and updates about the community.
A great resource for anyone starting out with cooking on their own, is complied with recipes for any dish from real cooks. Search by ingredient, dish, or style and find easy, medium, or hard recipes that are rated by fellow cooks, guaranteeing something within your comfort zone. There are also helpful videos on the does and don’ts of your favorite dishes.

Sorted Food
Sorted Food is a cooking video blogging team meant specifically for students. Browse their recipes, search by ingredient, or look into their meal packs to expand what you have. They also have helpful skill videos that include knife skills and egg separating.


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